Ask me anything   My name is Lorenzo, 26years old, Italian, from Naples and this Mal'ore (in italian 'malore' means 'unease' but 'ma l'ore' means 'yet the hours') is my world of images, poetry, boys, film, music, art, fashion and humor.
I can (re)blog only those things have affected my memory or my heart, or just hit me.

Le Déjeuner dans l’atelier

Édouard Manet

1868 olio su tela 118×154 cm

Neue Pinakothek, Monaco


Hercules at the Crossroads

Annibale Carracci
about 1596
Oil on canvas, 167 x 273 cm or 165 x 239 cm
Naples, Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte
— 2 anni fa con 5 note
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